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VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer)

VTrain will greatly reduce your study time, since the time spent on each item lies in proportion
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Paul Raedle
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11 September 2002

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VTrain helps you memorize anything fast and forever. It greatly reduces your study time by making every difficult thing easy for you to learn. The program asks you questions with the help of flash cards that are sorted into different levels of knowledge. You can concentrate on different cards until you master them. When you write the answer, VTrain checks every incorrect character and lets you correct the spelling. This helps you remember difficult words.

Software also supports image edition, rich text and voice recording. On-screen keyboards can be used to input special characters in 100 languages. It also allows smart keyboard switch between 2 languages. You can synchronize your file with your companion’s file. Teachers can edit a file shared by all the students in a school over the local network.

VTrain is the easiest way to prepare for your exams. It rationalizes your learning efforts and saves you a great deal of time.

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Are you learning a foreign language or preparing for any kind of test? If so, you must have experienced it - some items are easy to recall, and other ones are very difficult to retain. Now, does it really make sense reviewing the *whole* stuff from start to end, again and again? ###### VTrain helps you rationalize your learning efforts. Like in a quiz, it asks you questions (flashcards), and sets aside the ones you already know. This way, in successive rounds the flashcards are sorted into different levels of knowledge, and you can concentrate on the most difficult ones, until you master them thoroughly. This method will save you a great deal of time, since the effort you invest in each flashcard lies in exact proportion to its difficulty.
VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer)
VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer)
Version 4.0
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